2017 Marks Launch of New TEAMM Network Resource

We are excited to launch the new TEAMM “AM News” page. This new Additive Manufacturing (AM) section provides the opportunity to share news, updates, case studies, success stories and more about what our industry and the TEAMM Network is doing around the country and around the world.

While much attention has been paid to the speed of AM technologies and the manufacturing process, the importance of materials in advancing Additive Manufacturing capabilities has been underserved. As new materials are developed and 3D printers are increasingly capable of utilizing multiple materials, it is imperative the technicians understand these material’s properties both individually and as they are combined during the AM process.

To address this gap in the convergence of additive manufacturing and materials, the Technician Education in Additive Manufacturing & Materials (TEAMM) project is forging a new collaborative network of public and private sector stakeholders. This network will address a critical gap in supporting a new direction of technician education, including the identification and adaption of skills standards that keeps pace with advances in research and development.

TEAMM will be supported through the utilization of social networking technologies, proactive identification and expansion of key stakeholders, and improved access to professional development.

This news page will include news about Additive Manufacturing, materials, and the very important topic of how technician education intersects in these two areas. We invite you to share your news and look forward to receiving your submissions. Possible topics on materials and materials science are welcome.

Please email your ideas, update and topics to 4teamm@email.edcc.edu

Materials Science and Additive Manufacturing Technology Convergence

As we launch into 2017, a look back at some of the additive manufacturing highlights in 2016 were summarized well on the Diamandis tech blog written by X Prize Foundation founder, Peter Diamandis, who frequently talks about materials science and AM.

The post (and video embedded below) is from a talk by Jeff Carbeck who presented at the Abundance annual event (also run by Diamandis) and he shared some materials science predictions for 2016 through 2018.

Like many of us in the TEAMM Network, Diamandis and Carbeck see the huge potential materials science presents for Additive Manufacturing. The opportunity for manufacturing professionals and students is to track the way that technology leaders, like Diamandis, and others in Silicon Valley (and tech centers around the world) are studying it. The fusion of technology and materials is daily increasing leaving us with new ways to manufacture everything from autos to airplanes.

You can read his full post here: Materials Science Technology Convergence. Or watch this terrific materials science video (by Jeff Carbeck):

Last, Diamandis maintains a Facebook page that is mostly dedicated to how materials science and manufacturing technology connect (some of it may be more mat sci specific, but often it has to do with making things, manufacturing).