CVTC To Offer Symposium On Affordable Additive Manufacturing

Mark your calendar: Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) is hosting the virtual 4th Symposium on Affordable Additive Manufacturing on May 14th from 9:00 A.M  to 12:00 PM (Central Time).

Check out the 3rd AM Symposium via CVTC

In a recent workshop at Tennessee Tech University (TTU), Kim Grady presented on how to use a 3D Pen in your classroom. She will conduct a similar workshop from this popular event at Chippewa on the 14th. You can learn more about the previous workshop here: Diving Into Additive Manufacturing With 3D Pen Technology. This workshop promises to help educators get a handle on 3D printing through the use of 3D pen technology. Link and info to register for the current workshop is listed at end of post.

Kim uses the 3Doodler 3D pen in this workshop to demonstrate 3D printing concepts such as layering, joining, geometry and measurement, and adding function to an object. If you are asking: What is a 3D printing pen? — it is a device designed to allow you to make  PLA or ABS plastic 3D objects without a 3D printer. Essentially, the 3Doodler Pen is a handheld extruder.”  –AM News post on previous workshop

This event is a unique opportunity to talk and learn about recent additive manufacturing trends. CVTC is bringing people from the community, industry, national institutes, international organizations, and high schools to get to know each other and open up opportunities for collaboration.

There are recorded videos of previous symposia, developed modules, and more by visiting the Developing Resources for Enhancing Additive Manufacturing (DREAM) websiteIf you are interested in joining this collaborative and interactive event please register here. As part of the National Science Foundation grant, Chippewa is providing a small $200 stipend for high school, middle school, or elementary school teachers who want to attend and participate.

For reference, in November 2020, MatEdU News (our sister publication focused on Materials Education and Materials Science), published a story about the second AM symposium organized by DREAM (NSF Award #1902501). You can read about it here: Chippewa Valley Technical College Offers Additive Manufacturing Symposium.

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