Dr. Craig Brice And Adam Savage Prove 3D Printed Titanium Marvel Ironman Suit Is Tough Enough

During his Tuesday M-STEM keynote, Dr. Craig Brice revealed various exciting and challenging engineering lessons for both him and his students.  Adam Savage’s plan — this suit will fly and will go through some ballistics testing — as you will see in the video (in some cases we are showing you a video of a video).  Marvel Studios sent Brice the design files, but they needed to be completely rebuilt in order to actually work.

Adam Savage and team informed Dr. Brice that, as a test,  they planned to fire a 9mm pistol at the titanium metal 3D printed suit, at fairly close range. Dr. Brice then called up a colleague who helped him determine exactly how thick the plates would need to be to withstand the 9mm caliber. Listen carefully and look at the slides he is pointing to and you will see that the suit handles more than he expected, maybe even Ultron level. 

You can jump back to our Day One post where he shares a few quick details while showing M-STEM attendees the 3D printing lab with the EOS metal 3D printer that was used in this project (although EOS ultimately decided to help print many iterations of the project as changes were made to various parts). 

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