Behind-the-Scenes Look at Marvel Ironman Suit Metal 3D Printing Project at Mines

On Day One of M-STEM, Dr. Craig Brice led a behind-the-scenes tour to the Mines 3D printing lab in the CoorsTek Center for Applied Science and Engineering building. In this short video clip, you can hear Dr. Brice explain a bit about the making of the suit, showcasing one of the chest plates. The Marvel Ironman was a joint project with television host Adam Savage. 

Plus, here are a few photos from the 3D printing lab tour (you may have to click the thumbnails to see them more clearly:


Learn more about the Materials in STEM (M-STEM) grant and workshop here. You can also watch the Denver7 TV station news clip here which gives an excellent student perspective and footage shared by Dr. Brice in his M-STEM talk.

Stay tuned for our second post on Dr. Brice’s Tuesday presentation as well as a cool reveal about how he worked to make the suit tougher for one of the special requests from Adam Savage and team.

M-STEM, sponsored by the National Science Foundation as part of an Advanced Technological Education (ATE) with MatEdU, provides hands-on sessions that bring together students, faculty, industry and business to strengthen understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) principles, especially relating to advancing materials science, and to enhancing a K-20 technology education integration. 

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