Materials in STEM (M-STEM) Workshop At Colorado School Of Mines (Day Two)

Day Two of the M-STEM event held just as much interest and captivated attention as did Day One. You can read about the two keynotes (brief overviews) and poster session winners here: Materials in STEM (M-STEM) Workshop At Colorado School Of Mines (Day One).  Intensives are a unique way to accomplish a new skill through a more comprehensive format loaded with interactivity and hands-on labs.

There were four intensive sessions that included:

Critical Materials are a set of materials that have been identified as having significant supply risks with no easy substitutes. . Discussion centered around their harvest and production, then how those materials make it into everyday products and finally the recycling of those critical materials. 

The Science of Stuff took a close look at the gaps in traditional chemistry education. Instructors guided their educator peers on how to use solid matter, metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites to find creative ways to fit these into their existing curriculum. Plus a little bit of heat. (See photo below.)


Nanoscience in the Classroom provided a number of novel approaches to helping educators reach students with nanoscience content that can be easily integrated into existing classrooms. This session was organized by Nano-Link, which distributes nanoscience lab materials to educators. 

Pewter Gravity Casting in the Mines Foundry showcased the school’s foundry area and participants learned how casting is used in manufacturing. The class focused on how to safely  handle molten metal and pour it into a mold. Low-temperature desktop heating units were used to show how one could add this to a classroom environment. 

Tuesday’s keynote by Dr. Craig Brice presented the behind-the-scenes details of his Marvel Ironman project that metal 3D printed a complete Ironman suit in titanium. Again, separate post to follow with photos and video.

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