Workforce Development and Training at Edmonds Community College

As 2019 gets into full swing, it is good to recap a few of the many contributions that materials technology education brings to our community. Edmonds Community College is home to the The National Resource Center for Materials Technology Education (MatEdU), The Facility makerspace, and a host of other programs and initiatives. In addition, it is where the Technician Education in Additive Manufacturing & Materials project, also known as TEAMM, sponsor of this AM News site, is based.

Materials Technology Education is a big focus at Edmonds and the recipient of nearly $11 Million in grant awards from the National Science Foundation (since 2000). The two nationally known projects listed and linked above are also augmented by many other Workforce Development and Training efforts in the region (the Edmonds Community College Workforce page is a good resource). Not all of them are specifically about additive manufacturing and materials science, our focus at AM News, but all of them serve to help students reach their goals for education and a career.

Some of the focus areas:

  • The M-STEM national workshop takes place at a different location each year offering educators and students a way to learn about or teach materials science.
  • The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) located on the second floor of Lynnwood Hall in Room 215, offers a variety of benefits for veterans starting or returning to college. Executive Director, Chris Szarek, recently joined in the special Veterans Day Weekend Guitar Building Institute Workshop, helping current students and community veterans as they practiced material science as they built electric guitars.
  • The Facility, one of the first makerspaces to give access to both Edmonds Community College students and area residents who want to utilize this cutting-edge manufacturing lab. It includes a Rapid Prototyping lab (3D printers and laser cutters), Autoclave, CNC Mills and Router, Computer Design Lab, and a Composites Lab; just to name a few of the machines available to students and community members. More informal training occurs in many of the courses offered as part of the user experience.

As 2019 steams forward, remember that Monroe Hall and many other efforts at Edmonds Community College are creating or are part of larger Workforce Development and Training initiatives in a local and regional way as well as at the Washington State level. Check out your local community college for programs and projects that will help you in your career development.

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