Additive Manufacturing – Workforce Advancement Training Coalition and Hub (AM-WATCH)

In August, AM News reported on TEAMM Network member, Dr. Ismail Fidan from Tennessee Technological University, who created a new “train the trainer” 3D printing workshop called the Additive Manufacturing Studio aimed at STEM educators. The Studio is a nationwide program that has grown out of a larger project: The Additive Manufacturing Workforce Advancement Training Coalition and Hub (AM-WATCH).

AM-WATCH is being established to address gaps in the knowledge base of 21st century technicians to ensure they are prepared for advanced career placement. Since most of our readers will agree that Additive Manufacturing (AM) is changing the way we design and produce a wide range of products (and that term does not cover the diversity of objects being produced), there is and will be a growing demand for technicians in the industry.

According to the website and grant, “The objective of AM-WATCH is to address gaps in the current knowledge base of technicians through the development of curriculum and educational materials, delivery of professional development activities, support provided to 30+ community college and high school instructors per year, and expanded outreach activities targeting K-12 and community college teachers and students. Tennessee Technological University is collaborating with Community Colleges (CC), four-year universities, the ATE National Resource Center for Materials Technology Education, a national laboratory, industry, and government in the development of cutting-edge and multi-dimensional curriculum, activities, and toolkits for instructors.”

The Additive Manufacturing Studio for STEM educators mentioned above is part of this AM-WATCH project.

Keep up with what Tennessee Technological University is doing with their Additive Manufacturing program here: TTU AM-WATCH website.

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